Welcome to our Uzbek-Khorezm
cuisine restaurant!
by Sazanchik
We are proud to offer unique authentic traditional cuisine of Khorezm.

Our menu consists of a variety of dishes that differ in rich taste and unique combinations.
Our team of chefs at the Khiva restaurant are highly qualified professionals
who prepare the most delicious dishes of Uzbek cuisine for you.

We are proud to offer our customers only the best, and we make sure that all dishes are prepared
using only fresh ingredients to create real masterpieces of Uzbek cuisine.

We always try to offer our customers the most interesting
and diverse dishes that will definitely satisfy every taste.
We prepare the best Khorezm pilaf, various dishes of meat, fish and vegetables. Every day we bake Khorezm tortillas and samsa with various fillings in a tandoor oven.

In addition, we offer a wide selection of drinks, including traditional Uzbek
tea and fruit juices, which perfectly complement our dishes.

Here you can enjoy the authentic taste of traditional Uzbek cuisine,
cooked with love and care.
We attach great importance to the preservation of our traditions and culture, and our interior, design is based on ancient Khiva, conveys this feeling.

In addition, in our interior, we also pay great attention to traditions
and culture in food and service. We offer our guests not only delicious dishes of Uzbek cuisine, but also a traditional style of serving and serving dishes.

Visit us to enjoy a unique experience of Uzbek-Khorezm cuisine and Oriental hospitality in the heart of Dubai.
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  • Olga Kasyanenko
    An atmospheric restaurant, with very high-quality products and a charismatic singer. Shufutinsky in Dubai. I highly recommend the loin, the achichuk of Uzbek tomatoes and incredibly small dumplings with sooo thin dough, like seeds! Children adore, and I bow to the work of craftsmen who are able to make it.
  • Julia Kutsa
    Very tasty and atmospheric!
    Good staff and a large assortment on the menu.
  • Anastasia
    For three years I lived in Miami in winter with a child, I came to Russia and ate Uzbek vegetables, meat with tears ... it's just lucky that there is such a place in Dubai!
    The first winter here and the quality of the guys' products is just on top, there is no need to leave here already! Sometimes I think I'm going to get out of here like a bun! If you miss homemade food, Try pike perch with puree, pilaf, borscht in which there is no bucket of vinegar and the meat is tender
  • Maria Ostrovskaya
    A new beautiful restaurant with traditional Uzbek dishes and delicious breakfasts and Uzbek tea. There are always a lot of polite staff, friendly and pleasant people.
  • Anastasia Kondrashova
    The guys have opened an Uzbek-Khorezm restaurant near our house, we have been eating here three times for the fourth day! Do you know what the main secret is? Products are brought from Uzbekistan by planes every day and meat and fruits and vegetables!

Khiva is a well-preserved oasis town near the Karakum desert near Khorezm in Uzbeksitan. It was a large city on the deserted Silk Road. Khiva about 2500 years. Today it is the most colorful city of Uzbekistan: there is a feeling that you have been allowed into the reality of Aladdin or Shaherezada. Behind the high walls is a real clay maze with hidden doors, and only here there is an unusual «short minaret» - Kalta-minar, which has become a symbol of the city. Most of the old Khiva sites are listed by UNESCO as world heritage sites.
    Typical dishes for the region are: suyuk shurpa, izzhaan (appetizer of raw minced with onion and spicy pepper, something similar to the European tar-tar), Khorezm tortillas, shivit osh, fish, tuhum barrack and suzma palov.
    Khorezm tukhum barak can be compared with dumplings, there are many different variations of its preparation – with pumpkin, meat, herbs. Tukhum barak is considered the most traditional. It is this dish and shivit Osh that are considered to be the "calling cards" of the region.
    The most fragrant lean pilaf with rice and carrots, with juicy meat. The taste of this pilaf is very rich and very special. It is good to order Achik-chuchuk for pilaf-this is a traditional Uzbek salad made from farm fresh tomatoes and onions.
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